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Decorating your personal space is one of the best ways to live out your passion for home decor and accents, and we all strive to create a living space that offers peace and quiet and looks welcoming to guests. Rejuvenating your home decor from time to time is a great idea for maintaining a vibrant and cheerful environment, and interior designers believe it doesn’t have to be trendy glitter every time!

In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Mohit Bansal, Chandigarh-based architect and interior designer, advised: “You can always go for the classic vintage ideas that are conventional and still give your interior a chic aesthetic look. Your personal space really defines you, but there’s this constant urge to add something elegant to your home decor that fits with your theme and looks sophisticated. Bling may be in fashion, but it doesn’t always work! You have to give a lot of thought to how you want your personal space to look. A lively touch of elegance really elevates the whole ambiance and makes a chic style statement among visitors.”

He listed some of the best ideas to upgrade your current home decor scenario:

1. Fill empty corners: Start with corners! If attention to detail is your mantra, don’t skip empty spaces and corners when decorating your home. It’s an ideal way to add vibrant colors and make your place look happy. Fill in the empty, boring corners with decorative accents, paintings, art or other items. This practice will give your home a fulfilling look and make all boredom go away.

2. Aesthetic lighting: Yes, lighting plays the most important role in your home decor. You can’t even think about dim and dark lighting, especially in a room where you spend most of your rest time. Beautiful lighting accents such as lamps, lanterns, candlesticks, etc. need to be exhibited to get the right light that not only makes your home decor look rich and classy but also contributes to the calm quotient of the area.

3. Seating arrangement: The living room and other seating areas of your home should look aesthetic. The sofas, chairs and dining table should be arranged in such a beautiful way that they enhance the overall ambiance of your interior and look promising, especially when entertaining your guests or visitors. Using colors, textures, fabrics and other decor accents in these rooms will help you create an elegant look.

4. Balconies: Decorate the balcony at your home, even if you have a small one! Invest time in planting some plants, add colorful vases, grasses and pampas to create a vibrant botanical garden and enjoy the sunny winter afternoon. Spend some “me time” while sipping your favorite beverage and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere in your balcony area.

5. Walls: Don’t forget the walls! Decorating the walls of your home decor is the best way to reflect your personality and creatively showcase your interests and tastes. Adorn your favorite wall art, photographs and accent pieces and add a beautiful pop of color to your interior palette.

If you are looking for decorative accent ideas to incorporate into your current home decor, here are 5 tips:

1. Vases: Made of high quality material and decorated with unique designs, vases are ideal for filling the empty spaces or even displaying them as centerpieces in different rooms of your home decor. Different sizes and themes of ceramic vases are ideal to add elegance to the environment. Tall floor vases also look great when placed near entrances, in balcony areas or on stairs.

2. Lamps: Designer lamps are perfect for enlivening different corners in your home decor. With aesthetic light falling from quality lampshade fabric and whimsical silhouettes, these work beautifully as functional accents. Easy to handle and install, these are just the right accents for your bedroom, living room or hallway.

3. Wall Art: Unique wall art items such as paintings, vector graphics, decorative plates, pieces, canvas art, etc. are perfect for adding an extra pop of color to your home decor. Vibrant hues, when matched together, look stunning on walls and add a sumptuous grandeur.

4. Dishes: Elevate your kitchen and dinnerware collection by incorporating decorative tableware such as brass plates, bowls, trays, etc. that prove to be highly functional, medically-approved metal and also look luxurious. After all, your kitchen deserves an upgrade!

5. Flowers and Plants: When in doubt, where to start? Always opt for dried flowers and plants. These are durable items that add a flair of vibrancy and elevate the elegance quotient of any space. Beautiful dried flowers, grasses and large pampas adorned in decorative vases look stunning and enhance the overall atmosphere of your living space.


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