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After you’ve invested in a house and car, the next best thing that requires a good chunk of money at once is furniture for your home.

There was a time, particularly in the Generation X era, when people associated buying expensive possessions with feeling supremely proud. Renting was despised, perhaps as a dent in a person’s social status.

But today, as Millennials and Gen Z take over the world, their ways of life are evolving too. Most of the younger generation is always on the go, looking for ways to save their precious cash and keep up with the newer trends as they come and go. No wonder, then, that renting has become a New Age norm. Why shouldn’t it be? Getting furniture for rent is by far the most expensive decision you can make these days!

Why Is Renting Furniture a Better Financial Decision?

Here are the top three reasons why renting furniture is a much better decision than buying new furniture –

1. Ideal for traveling

Why do you need to rent furniture? That’s the kind of question most older generation people ask younger kids. The answer to that is pretty simple.

Most of us are always looking for a better opportunity in our careers. Sometimes these fortunate circumstances occur in a place that is far away from where you are. Generation Z hardly hesitates to get up and move from one city to another.

In such a scenario, buying furniture like beds, dining tables, sofa sets, etc. can be a significant investment. These things can cost you a few lakhs if you buy quality products. If you have to move, the cost of moving and excessive maintenance of the furniture is too high to protect it from abrasions and scratches.

Got it for exactly this reason furniture for rent is a much more viable option.

Depending on your needs, you can rent individual pieces of furniture or select a package for a specific room. Millennials especially love the bedroom packages as they include a bed with mattress, wardrobe, bedside table, chest of drawers, etc. It costs around Rs. 500-Rs. 1800 depending on the type of package you choose and the pieces of furniture it contains.

Additionally, when it’s time to move, the furniture rental company will likely offer you free delivery, moving, setup, and maintenance.

2. Helps keep up with changing trends

If you like to spice up the style of your home every now and then, then buying furniture is not for you. These types of investments will last for years, and you can’t just toss them aside every time a new trend hits the market. Finally, renovating your home and choosing contemporary furniture to make a fashion statement is not a viable option.

Rental furniture is a lifesaver because you can always get new upgrades as they arrive. This will help you keep up with your eclectic tastes at minimal cost. Most furniture rental services, such as B. Cityfurnish, allow you a free upgrade when your current rental cycle ends. So you can get something new if you are bored with the existing pieces of furniture.

Could you imagine that if you owned these pieces of furniture?

3. Little profit selling furniture

Among all assets, furniture is subject to significant depreciation over the course of normal life.

For example, you buy a brand new sheesham wood bed with a soft foam mattress. It will probably cost Rs. 40,000-50,000 rupees. When it’s time to sell it, either because you’re moving or want a modern piece of furniture, you’ll find that your own pieces have taken the brunt of the devastating depreciation. It might only be worth Rs. 15,000 now. It also depends on the current state of your assets and how long you have been using them.

This scenario applies to all types of furniture – wardrobes, sofa sets, dining table sets, etc.

There is little profit from selling old furniture, so millennials are more likely to rent furniture. This is especially useful if you frequently change your home decor due to new trends and lifestyle changes, or if you move frequently.

You can return the rented furniture or exchange it for something new and better. This will save you tons of money, effort and time!

Is renting furniture a financially beneficial option?

Millennial or not, if you’re not a permanent resident and often move to the city for better chances of growth in life and career, then don’t tie yourself down with bulky furniture. They are difficult to relocate, quickly become obsolete, have low selling prices due to depreciation, and are a sizeable investment that you may not be ready for.

The benefit of getting furniture for rent outweighs the benefits of owning your furniture. You can get new upgrades when some current designs appear. They’re also fairly affordable, and most companies offer relocation, setup, and maintenance for free. You don’t have to worry about an emergency sale if you move at short notice.

All in all, getting furniture for rent is a win-win!

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