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Paul Pelosi “is making steady progress in a long process of recovery,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a statement Monday after federal and state indictments were announced against the man accused of assaulting him.

“Since the horrific attack on Paul early Friday, we have been inundated with thousands of messages expressing concern, prayers and heartfelt wishes,” the statement said. “Our family thanks everyone for their kindness.”

David DePape, 42, has been charged with a range of crimes, including assault, attempted murder and attempted kidnapping, after breaking into the couple’s San Francisco home last week, the US Attorney’s Office and the San Francisco Attorney said Monday.

He was charged with one count of “attempted kidnapping of a US official,” according to the US Attorney for the Northern District of California. Those charges relate to Nancy Pelosi, who told police DePape planned to “hold hostage,” according to an FBI affidavit also unsealed Monday.

The charge of attempted kidnapping carries a maximum of 20 years in prison.

DePape was also charged with assaulting an immediate family member of a US official with intent to get revenge on the official. These charges relate to a crime allegedly committed against Paul Pelosi and carry a maximum sentence of 30 years in prison.

The federal charges against DePape are in addition to state charges that the San Francisco District Attorney said later Monday include “attempted murder, residential burglary, assault with a deadly weapon, elder abuse, false detention of an elder, and threatening a public official and.” your family.”

Based on the current state charges, DePape faces 13 years to life in prison, San Francisco District Attorney Brooke Jenkins said. She said DePape is expected in court Tuesday for his arraignment.

Jenkins said at her press conference that the Pelosi attack was “politically motivated.”

“Yes, it appears this was politically motivated based on his statements and comments made in this House during his meeting with Mr. Pelosi,” Jenkins said.

CNN reported earlier Monday that investigators were questioning Paul Pelosi at the hospital this weekend and was able to provide details of the attack, according to two law enforcement sources and a source familiar with the matter.

Among those who conducted the interview were investigators from the FBI and local law enforcement agencies.

Court filings related to the federal indictments against DePape reveal the most detailed account yet of Paul Pelosis calling 911 while the incident was unfolding.

“Pelosi said there is a man in the house and the man will be waiting for Pelosi’s wife. Pelosi further shared that he does not know who the man is. The man said his name was David,” an FBI agent said in an affidavit unsealed Monday.

Paul Pelosi called 911 at 2:23 a.m. Pacific Time Friday and police arrived at his home eight minutes later, according to the affidavit unsealed Monday.

Hear details of Paul Pelosi’s encrypted 911 call that led to his rescue

“When the door opened, Pelosi and DePape were both holding a hammer in one hand, and DePape was holding Pelosi’s forearm with the other hand,” the affidavit reads. “Pelosi greeted the officers. The officers asked her what was going on. DePape replied that everything was fine. Officers then ordered Pelosi and DePape to drop the gavel.”

That’s when DePape allegedly pulled the hammer away and swung it, hitting Paul Pelosi in the head. Pelosi “appears to be lying unconscious on the ground after being struck,” the affidavit said.

Paul Pelosi was later taken to the hospital and underwent “successful surgery to repair a fractured skull and serious injuries to his right arm and hands,” according to an earlier press release from the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. They said they expect Paul Pelosi to make a full recovery.

A source familiar with the matter provided CNN with more information about the attack on Paul Pelosi and the extent of his injuries following the federal criminal complaint.

The source said DePape punched Pelosi twice in the head. Pelosi required surgery for a fractured skull and also had serious injuries to his hands and right arm, which resulted in his shirt being cut off at the hospital to treat his arm, the source said.

Paul Pelosi was asleep in boxers and a pajama top in the third-floor bedroom of his San Francisco home, the source said, when authorities claimed DePape broke in.

CNN previously reported that Pelosi managed to keep the line open with 911, the dispatcher could hear a conversation in the background and that Pelosi was speaking in code to help authorities understand what happened.

“DePape was prepared to arrest and injure Speaker Pelosi when he entered the Pelosi residence early in the morning of October 28, 2022,” the FBI agent said in the affidavit. “DePape had zip ties, duct tape, rope, and at least one hammer with him that morning.”

DePape has not yet made any court appearances related to the attack.

According to the criminal complaint filed with the court, DePape admitted in an interview with local police that he intended to find the Speaker of the House and hold her hostage.

The FBI affidavit filed with the complaint read: “DePape stated that he will hold Nancy hostage and speak to her. If Nancy DePape told the ‘truth’ he would let her go, and if she ‘lied’ he would ‘break her kneecap’.”

“DePape was certain Nancy was not telling the ‘truth,'” the FBI affidavit reads.

US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (R) attends a Solemnity of Saints Peter and Paul Mass with her husband Paul Pelosi (C) presided over by Pope Francis in St. Peter's Basilica.

“Where’s Nancy?”: The attacker screamed before attacking Pelosi’s husband, a source says

The affidavit went on to say that DePape told police Nancy Pelosi was the “leader of the pack” of lies promoted by the Democratic Party. DePape told police that if Pelosi, with fractured kneecaps, was “rolled” into the House chamber, according to the affidavit, other members of Congress would see that there would be consequences for their actions.

The interview was conducted by the San Francisco Police Department on Friday, the day of the attack, according to court documents. DePape was read his Miranda rights before speaking to police and, according to the filing, confessed his intentions to kidnap the senior House Democrat.

The federal indictments, unsealed on Monday, also debunk a conspiracy theory about the Pelosi attack previously shared on Twitter by its billionaire owner Elon Musk.

The conspiracy theory claimed, among other things, that Paul Pelosi knew his attacker. Musk tweeted a link to an article promoting the theory on Sunday, although he later deleted it.

The FBI affidavit, which was unsealed Monday alongside the federal indictments, says Pelosi told a 911 dispatcher during his call that “he doesn’t know who the man is” who broke into his home.

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Additionally, the affidavit states that officers from the San Francisco Police Department interviewed Pelosi in the ambulance on the way to the hospital, and he said, “He had never seen (David) DePape before.”

Earlier Monday, San Francisco Police Chief William Scott told CNN’s Ana Cabrera that Paul Pelosi did not know the suspect. The police chief said the conspiracy wave over the case was “unfounded” and “damaging” to the ongoing investigation.

This story has been updated with additional developments.

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