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Dezeen showroom: A table lamp that aims to mimic the warmth of candlelight is among 11 new products to be unveiled in the Dezeen showroom.

Two lamps by APE Amsterdam for Humble Lights

Designed by APE Amsterdam for Dutch lighting brand Humble Lights, the Lamp Two is a dimmable, portable and rechargeable light source that aims to provide a convenient and safe alternative to the intimate glow of a candle.

It can be used as either a task or mood light, and its 10 colors are now joined by two new shades, black and beige.

Two lamps were recently featured in the Dezeen showroom, along with a range of nature-inspired carpet tiles and a home-made sofa that can be personalized by changing the upholstery.

Read on to see more of the latest products:

Shifting Fields carpet tiles by Shaw Contract with an orange chair

Shifting Fields carpet tile collection by Kerry Deffley for Shaw Contract

Floor design company Shaw Contract has released three new carpet tiles made from recycled materials and referencing natural landscapes.

Called Plains, Landing and Landing Edge, the designs that make up Shifting Fields have a dotted texture of greens, grays and neutrals that allows them to be laid out to create gradients of color across floors in commercial interiors .

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White upholstery sofa in room with plants

Cozmo Sofa by Raw-Edges for Cozmo Home

Furniture company Cozmo Home has released an eponymous sofa designed in collaboration with design and research firm Raw-Edges.

Designed to wear “jackets” over its seat, back cushion and scatter cushions, the Cozmo sofa will change its appearance over time to adapt to changing tastes and interior styles.

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Office room with chairs around a table

Follow Meeting Cone from Mara

The Follow Meeting Cone by office furniture company Mara features an internal mechanism that allows the table top to be lifted from its conical base.

The table allows both sitting and standing work and can be used both at the workplace and in the living area.

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Interno4 tiles by Ceramiche Keope

Interno4 tiles by Ceramiche Keope

Italian tile brand Ceramiche Keope has created a range of tiles inspired by marble found in Milanese interiors.

Interno4 is made up of four styles named after the historic districts of Milan, suitable for both floors and walls.

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Marien152 Lounge Chair by Arik Levy for Coalesse

Marien152 Lounge Chair by Arik Levy for Coalesse

Paris-based designer Arik Levy created a chair for Steelcase brand Coalesse that brings the comfort of home furniture to the workplace.

The Marien152 lounge chair has generous proportions and an informal, plump backrest with a pull strap for easy manoeuvrability.

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Omnia tiles by Ceramiche Keope

Omnia tiles by Ceramiche Keope

Ceramiche Keope’s Omnia tile range now includes a pattern that references the natural appearance of travertine stone.

The tiles have three-dimensional textured surfaces to better mimic natural stone and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Vis-a-vis cork stool by Agape in a bathroom

Vis-à-vis and rendez-vous bathroom seating furniture by Marco Carini for Agape

Italian bathroom company Agape collaborated with designer Marco Carini on a pair of bathroom seating made from recycled cork.

Vis-à-vis is a lightweight cylindrical stool with a cut-out crescent, and Rendez-vous takes the form of a long bench for users to recline on.

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Fiction tiles line the walls of a workspace

Fiction tile collection by Emotion Ceramics

Spanish tile company Emotion Ceramics has launched a collection of stone effect ceramic tiles inspired by the film Pulp Fiction.

Fiction tiles have subtle veining and streaks running across their surfaces and can be used in residential and commercial interior design systems.

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Image of two chairs and a sofa in an outdoor setting

Tamarindo outdoor furniture collection by Coco Wolf

British furniture company Coco Wolf has designed an outdoor seating collection that features wooden frames and contrasting upholstery in recycled fabric.

Tamarindo consists of sofas, swivel chairs, stools and drum chairs that can be used in both commercial and private settings.

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A photo of Onice tiles used on floors and walls in a bathroom

Onice floor and wall tile collection by Ceramiche Keope

Ceramiche Keope Onice tiles offer a highly polished, reflective surface for walls and floors.

The tiles are made of onyx and are available in three different color combinations, including cool pearls, warm honey tones and multicolor with oceanic tones.

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