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The all-white or mostly white kitchen has been the star of the home furnishing show for almost a decade. Trends come and go, but while white is beautiful, many designers agree that 2023 will bring all the color. “It might not be popular belief, but I think all-white kitchens are going to be phased out,” says Lindye Galloway, founder and chief creative officer at Lindye Galloway Design Studio + Shopin Orange County, CA.

She is not alone. According to a recent report by Houzz, a renewed interest in bright and bold colors is one of the most frequently reported trends by design and remodeling professionals. The postponement is attributed to the grim years of the pandemic. “Today, homeowners seem more adventurous and willing to take risks to create brighter, more vibrant spaces,” the report says.

Regardless of the trend, you want to show your true colors when designing your home. That means it should do you feel at home and happy. Whether you add layers of warm and soft tones or go all out with rich hues or super bright colors, your design should reflect your aesthetic and personality. Here we have summarized all the ways you can incorporate color into your kitchen. From cabinets to appliances to tiles and wallpaper, there are so many ways to create your dream kitchen. Now let’s cook.

PMQ for two remodeled her kitchen and we’re drooling all over it. The perfect blend of colour, pattern and convenience is what makes this kitchen so fun and inviting.

“I like a neutral, calm, and structured space,” says Gideon Mendelson, founder and creative director of Mendelson group. “However, when an entire home is designed like this, it feels a little soulless and boring to me. I want designers to add more color and pattern to these sculptural spaces to make them feel more personal, more interesting, and more provocative that I’ve thought about.”

Agreed! Creating a color palette that complements each other in tone feels fresh and modern.

These cheerful colors create a kitchen full of energy. You can already tell from the design who lives here.

Yellow always feels bright and cheerful, and this more muted tone is totally on trend.

powder blue

Powders and lighter blues are the new white and navy – they act as neutrals for a more upscale space.

Photo courtesy of Tim Lenz

Here’s a baby blue Manhattan kitchen designed by Mendelson group. So lovely!

Go full monochrome with a touch of pink.

This off-white blue extends from cabinets to the island and pairs well with black and white tile and leather seating. Design by Kate Lester of Kate Lester Interiors & Kate Lester AT HOME in Southern California.

Multiple colors

Homeowners aren’t afraid to make a bold move by playing with cabinet colors in a range of hues.

Bold color cabinets are one of the top kitchen design trends we’ll see in 2023,” says Lauren Lerner, founder and chief designer at life with lolo.

A splash of colour

No complete conversion necessary: ​​Rachel Burger, interior designer at JL designAgreeing that all-white kitchens have peaked, says a big trend for 2023 is bringing color back into a kitchen with tiles, paint or lighting.

We love how the homeowners played with color in a rather muted kitchen here. Anything goes for 2023, as long as it’s fresh and unique.

Geometries have a cool edge.

Photography by Ryan Hainey

This kitchen designed by Cousin Architectsgoes all out with green tiles to mirror the landscaping outside.

background can be a great way to redesign your kitchen and give it a new and exciting feel.

Don’t be afraid to take a risk with colors you love.

Printed tiles can be a great way to liven up an otherwise boring kitchen.

Colorful devices

Appliance manufacturers are thinking outside the box of stainless steel, making refrigerators and stoves more of a design feature than a functional part.

You can still go with white cabinets if you have that refreshing pop of color.

Colorful floors are also trendy!

Thisfireclay tileThe design goes all the way to the ceiling and contrasts well with the colorful devices.

SMEG the old device really rethought.

Pretty in Pink

Warm and soft colors are a big kitchen trend for 2023. According to Houzz, “While professionals say the desire for bold colors is expanding into some kitchens, many report that many homeowners are asking for a warm and soft style that is restful and relaxing. “

Pink can be extra pretty and modern with gold and white accents.

Fancy brighter colors? This palette screams color safety.

Moody shades

Jerad Gardemal, main designer and owner of JF Gardemal Designs in Baton Rouge says that one of the top trends in kitchen design will be dark cabinets in a matte finish. “Painted cabinets in unexpected colors will also be a trend. Satin brass hardware is a must,” he says.

Painting walls to match cabinets is another common trend in colorful kitchens. What do you think?

Photography by Jared Kuzia

We love how the fridge gets a seamless cabinet treatment here in another design by Kristina Crestin.

Photo courtesy of Eric Piasecki

Don’t forget the blanket either! White paired with solid greens brighten up this Westchester designed kitchen Mendelson group.

This wine color with a rosy backsplash is wonderful for a warm and soft kitchen.

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