A 1.75 million SF home became a couple’s “house from hell”… – San Francisco Chronicle | NutSocia

Ben Jiang retrieved a key from a locker and worked to unravel a mass of chains securing the front gate of his home.

Inside, raunchy graffiti covered several walls and doors, fixtures remained broken, rodent droppings littered the gross carpet, and a strange stench filled the air. He bought the Fixer-Upper in San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood in October 2020, envisioning the dream home it could one day become.

Instead, it has turned into a nightmare.

“Welcome to the House of Secrets,” Jiang said to me. β€œOr the house from hell. Whatever you call it, we don’t want to live here.”

Squatters have left a mess at a home in Bernal Heights. It cost the homeowners $3,000 to remove their belongings.

Courtesy of Jennifer Sun

I told you nearly a year ago about the quintessential San Francisco experience that Jiang and his wife, Jennifer Sun, have had since they bought the home for a whopping $1.75 million. The endless search for permits for a conversion. The squatters who turned the house into a drug den. The shrug of the police, who let all but one go without consequences. The city’s inability to fix its own disruptions and provide basic services to its residents.

All these months later, nothing has changed about the house.

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