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Furniture World News Desk on 01/26/2023

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine comes straight out of the script of the last century. Ukraine is indeed a rich treasure, with significant resources, a strong industrial sector and, of course, human capital. Ukraine and its closest allies are keen to ensure that the country has a robust, free future. That’s why USAID and the USAID Competitive Economy Program are supporting an elite group of small and medium-sized Ukrainian furniture manufacturers to exhibit their furniture and home decoration products at Winter Las Vegas Market, B200-10, B200-11, B200-12.

USAID CEP aims to support competitive Ukrainian industries with growth potential in their efforts and initiatives to promote export and trade development. This support includes support for furniture production and wood processing in Ukraine.

Ukrainian furniture maker Tivoli organized this mission of Ukrainian furniture makers and is helping these companies ensure that they can all continue their businesses even as the war rages on.

“Since its inception, USAID CEP has helped Ukrainian furniture manufacturers increase their competitiveness with innovative equipment and access to training to optimize manufacturing processes,” said Olesya Zaluska, Party Chair of USAID CEP.

The challenges created by the war include a declining workforce, power outages, and a drop in domestic demand. However, the companies that exhibit at the Las Vegas Market continue to produce and export quality designs at competitive prices. Ukrainian companies have adapted to the new reality and are contributing to the country’s beginning economic recovery.

“Currently, the furniture industry in our Ukrainian home market is facing war-related declines. For example, USAID CEP has encouraged furniture manufacturers to enter international markets and expand globally. In October 2022, 50 Ukrainian companies that produce furniture and housewares presented their products at the world’s largest furniture fair in High Point, NC. This initiative and our presence in the Las Vegas Market not only help Ukrainian companies to use their competitive advantages and enter new markets, but also contribute to the recovery of Ukraine and the development of export sales,” explained Olesya Zaluska.

The group of Ukrainian furniture manufacturers and home decor companies is led by Jeff Michels, an industry veteran with over 20 years of hospitality experience. He came to Ukraine while living in Kyiv from 2019 to 2022. He owns two Northern California hotels outside of Yosemite National Park in Sonora, Tuolumne County. Before the war, Michaels decided to use the talent in Ukraine to remodel his motel with all of Balbek Architecture Studio’s Ukrainian partners, including everything from furniture to landscaping. The renovation was a great success and he has doubled his average daily rate with Ukrainian partners.

“I jumped at the opportunity when I saw the opportunity to work with this extremely talented industry in Ukraine,” remarked Michels, the CEO and owner of Hotel Lumberjack. “The furniture was delivered on time and Cassone’s team came to Sonora, California from Ukraine to ensure a smooth assembly. It was a seamless process and their hands-on approach sets my hotel apart from others on the California coast.”

Michels recently traveled to Ukraine to visit the wartime manufacturing industry. “I felt like I needed to see what these companies were facing and if they were still able to produce products despite the power restrictions. I was impressed to see that they all keep up with the production and employ so many talented people,” recalls Jeff Michels. “It was incredible to see this level of professionalism and the drive to keep moving forward. There is a strong energy among Ukrainians and in their production facilities. You would never know a war was going on by visiting their shops,” he concluded.

Home Furnishing Companies exhibiting in the Ukraine Pavilion at Las Vegas Market, B200-10, B200-11, B200-12

About Tivoli: As the organizer of the Ukraine Pavilion at the Las Vegas Winter Fair, Tivoli has been a leading brand since 1912. It is one of the most famous Ukrainian chair manufacturers based in the town of Stryi (western part of Ukraine in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains). ). The furniture company made in Ukraine is sure that it can meet all the requirements (quality, quantity, price, terms of delivery) of international partners with a first-class service.

About Guarantee Furniture: The furniture company Garant is a powerful mass producer of high-quality cabinet furniture. Their experienced team of professionals manufactures products as quickly as possible using quality materials and modern technology. The wide range of model lines pleasantly impresses even the pickiest of buyers. guarantors The range includes sliding wardrobes, modular kitchens, TV walls, furniture for hallways, living rooms, bedrooms, office furniture and more.

About Mebus: Mebus is an advanced high-tech production manufacturer equipped with machines from leading Italian companies. They offer high quality goods, short delivery times and acceptable prices. For furniture production they use natural raw materials: solid wood, as well as advanced environmentally friendly finishing and decorative materials. The company focuses primarily on the production of elegant upholstered furniture, bedroom, living room, office, hallway and dining room furniture.

About U-MA Furniture: “UMA ursa major” is a Ukrainian manufacturer of upholstered furniture, known for its original design, proven quality, comfort, warmth and durability.

About Sofro: Extremely high quality and stylish furniture. The main products include cabinet furniture suitable for a small cozy apartment or a large country house. The company also produces modular kitchens “Arkadia”. Their “CAMRON” system supplies luggage for hallways, living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, youth and children’s rooms.

About Shtayer: Has a twenty-year love affair with textiles. Today, the best hotels in Ukraine use the company’s Shtayer brand bedding, pillows, blankets, bathrobes and towels.

wood tuning: With its own patented design and natural ingredients, this family business had the idea of ​​combining a candle and a fireplace. Your WOOD MOOD candles are ecological and natural, safe for home use with no chemicals. The company uses only the best natural beeswax with phytoncidal properties from local beekeepers and proven natural essential oils from the USA to create a magical atmosphere.

Lumimo.Type: paintings are proudly displayed in homes, offices and public spaces. They fulfill two functions at the same time – art object and lighting. LUMIMO.ART Light Paintings are made using a unique technology that combines bright images and a custom-designed lighting system. The lighting is generated via a control panel or a phone app.

Enjoy the wood: Founded in 2014, this family brand aims to bring JOY and INSPIRATION to everyone who owns their products. 3D wooden world maps provide a focal point for home decor and make excellent gift items.

About Co-Honey: Products made by creative people who share a common goal of popularizing beekeeping products, namely beeswax, to create the most fragrant organic, natural, handcrafted candles. They started a small candle manufacturing company in western Ukraine in 2014.

About Nakol Art: All Nakol Art products are printed and handmade in Ukraine, celebrating fine craftsmanship. Each item is manufactured to the highest standards to ensure exclusivity and uniqueness. The pure silk scarves can be worn all year round and fit perfectly into any modern wardrobe.

About Cassonne: Founded in 2013, Cassone focuses on the production of contract furniture for hotels, common areas, student accommodation, retail spaces, restaurants, bars, cafes and offices and public spaces. The company has an experienced team of installers and produces the highest quality furniture for commercial spaces.

About InStyle: This Ukrainian furniture company is dedicated to improving the quality of life by creating stylish furniture and constantly improving the systematization of production processes and technologies. Their products are designed and manufactured in Ukraine and sold all over the world.

About Woodsoft: Since 2017, a Ukrainian team of like-minded people have been using their expertise, ideas and resources to create a new page in the furniture industry. Inspired by the creation of perfect products that embody modern style, unique design, impeccable quality and above all comfort.

About Favorites: Furniture products that are not only beautiful interior furniture, they create a relaxation corner that offers beauty and comfort. Their furniture is original and handcrafted using unique technology and quality materials.


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