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A franchise model offers proven systems and trusted brand names, but still gives you the freedom to run your own business. Franchising often involves a large initial investment, but there are several franchises under $10,000 that you can get started with little to no upfront capital.

How much does it cost to buy a franchise?

The cost of buying a franchise varies widely, from franchises under $10,000 to those costing millions of dollars. Many franchises are between $100,000 and $300,000. However, the exact costs vary by industry and location.

Benefits of opening a franchise for under $10,000

If you’re thinking of starting a business, here are some reasons to consider franchises under 10,000:

  • Less risk: A lower initial investment means less risk for the franchisee. You are unlikely to need a loan or extra money from family and friends. Many of these franchises also have low operating costs.
  • High chances of profitability: Since you start with a small investment, you don’t have to earn a lot to reach profitability.
  • Access to proven systems: Rather than starting a brand new business from scratch, franchising provides access to technology, training and support from successful businesses.
  • Brand perception: Franchising also gives you access to a successful brand name that members of your local community may already be familiar with.
  • Freedom of place and time: Many affordable franchises are inexpensive because they don’t require physical locations. You can often do them from home or while traveling and enjoy a healthy work-life balance.

Top Franchise Opportunities Under $10,000

If you are looking for low cost franchises to invest in, here are some franchises under 10,000 to consider.

1. Social Owl

Social Owl offers a turnkey business model for social media marketing. The company offers a white label business system that you can set up online with your own brand. Then sell social media packs to businesses and earn recurring monthly revenue. There is no initial franchise fee. Pay just $279 per month or buy the annual plan for $1,997.

2. Cruise Planner

A Cruise Planners franchise includes a home network of travel consultants. The company offers training and demonstration activities, as well as a complete software system to enable you to run your own franchise from home. The current franchise fee is $6,995.

3. Baby boot camp

Baby Boot Camp is one of the top fitness franchises for new moms. The low-cost franchise operated by Momleta offers outdoor stroller fitness classes. The initial franchise fee ranges from $5,000 to $8,000 depending on the population in your area.

4. Coffee News

A Coffee News franchise allows you to build relationships with local businesses and sell advertising opportunities throughout your community. This business can be run from home and is ideal for those with existing business connections who want to be their own boss. Franchise packages vary by location, but the initial franchise fee is generally just under $10,000.

5. Building Stars

The BuildingStars franchise model provides commercial cleaning services for office buildings and other local businesses. It’s a flexible model that you can scale over time. Getting started is only $795.

6. MobileStamp

MobileStamp offers a turnkey franchise option where you help local business customers build loyalty and rewards programs. Franchisees help small and medium businesses with punch card mobile apps, offers and social rewards. MobileStamp charges a monthly fee instead of a traditional franchise fee.

7. Jazzercise

Jazzercise is a dance workout franchise that offers two different franchise options. The class owner franchisee is responsible for the setup costs and the business side. And the instructor-franchisee is mainly responsible for teaching. With the latter option, the initial investment includes only a one-time franchise fee of $1,250 and some ongoing costs such as music and equipment royalties.

8. Octoclean

Octoclean is one of the leading janitorial franchises for small business owners and medical facilities. You get your very own exclusive territory and can determine how many hours and resources you want to put into the business. Acquisition costs vary but can be as high as $8,000.

9. SiteSwan website builder

SiteSwan Website Builder offers a reseller opportunity for its web services and business-in-a-box solution. You can build your entire business around this white label solution or add it to your other offerings such as marketing support and social media services. Plans range from $149 to $300 per month.

10. Fit4Mom

Fit4Mom offers a more affordable franchise than many fitness brands. The company specializes in training courses for mothers. The monthly fee varies and the estimated cost starts at around $5,500.

11. Map my yard

Offering garden greeting cards and signs, Card My Yard is one of the best birthday and holiday franchises that can be operated mostly from home. So the upfront cost starts at around $3,725.

12. Rugby Tots

RugbyTots is a global franchise offering rugby for kids. You can start without a dedicated location or a lot of expensive equipment. Estimated acquisition costs start at around $6,500.

How to Pick the Best Franchise Under $10,000

When you are ready to start a successful business, there are plenty of affordable franchise opportunities available to you. Here are tips for choosing your best match:

  • Research available areas: Many franchises under 10,000 offer exclusive territories. So first make sure your range is available.
  • Consider running costs: The initial franchise fee is only part of the cost. Also factor monthly fees, equipment, and marketing tools into your budget.
  • Look for opportunities that fit your lifestyle: Do you want a full-time business or one that you can run in your free time? Different franchises have different commitments.
  • Analyze competitors: Are there similar businesses in your area or are there ways to differentiate your offering?
  • Find opportunities that match your skillset: If you are an experienced marketer, it may make sense to look for franchises that offer related services. But others can excel at other tasks like cleaning or planning dream vacations.

Which franchises are the cheapest?

The cheapest franchises can usually be operated from home and require little to no equipment. These include SiteSwan, MobileStamp, SocialOwl, and BuildingStars.

Which Franchise Has the Lowest Initial Franchise Fee?

There are several franchise or licensing programs that include a monthly fee instead of expensive franchise fees. These include SiteSwan, MobileStamp, SocialOwl, and BuildingStars.

How much does it cost to start a commercial cleaning franchise?

Costs vary depending on the franchise and location you choose. The BuildingStars franchise model is only $795. And Octoclean franchises start at around $8,000.

Can You Buy Digital Marketing Franchises Under $10,000?

Yes, there are several digital marketing business and franchise programs you can buy for under $10,000 including SocialOwl, MobileStamp, and SiteSwan.

Which low-cost franchise is the most profitable?

Profitability varies greatly depending on the type of business and location. The list above includes several potentially profitable opportunities, including Cruise Planners, Card My Yard, and Fit4Mom.


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