10 pieces of furniture that have a special place for your pet – Bob Vila | NutSocia

Photo: dinos.co With its pitched roof, barn-red clapboards and classic archway, Snoopy’s house is arguably the most famous dog house in the world. Of course, it’s also famous for the Sopwith Camel fighter plane that scorches the skies in pursuit of the Red Baron, and for its award-winning, over-the-top Christmas lights. Yet even in its … Read more

Traveling with home in tow – nomadic lifestyle is made… – Astana Times | NutSocia

Astana – For centuries, the nomadic rhythm of life was characterized by mobility and practicality through to the choice of housing. Also referred to as kiyiz ui (felt home), the Kazakh yurt is a portable, weather-resistant, eco-friendly home that enabled traditional Kazakh herders to maintain a nomadic lifestyle of spending winters on pastures and summers … Read more

Interior Designer Wendy Glaister Announces Promotional Plan for… – Furniture World | NutSocia

Furniture World News Desk on 01/18/2023 Award-winning interior architect and kitchen and bath designer Wendy Glaister, founder of Wendy Glaister Interiors, announces her promotional and event schedule for the January markets featuring a variety of talks, panel discussions and market tours. Serena Martin, Founder of 24/7 Creative Agency and Wendy’s Publicist … Read more

DC Dispatch: Iowa Lawmakers Focus on Supply Chain and Transportation Issues – Iowa Capital Dispatch | NutSocia

The Iowa House delegation this week focused on transportation and supply chain issues, while Rep. Zach Nunn snagged a key committee assignment and Senator Joni Ernst targeted Planned Parenthood. Midwest House members address supply chain bottlenecks The Iowa House delegation sent a letter to Surface Transportation Board Chairman Martin Oberman asking him to lift a … Read more

The 7 Rules of Buying Vintage Furniture Online – The Spokesman Review | NutSocia

You probably already know why you should buy vintage furniture: it’s better for the planet, lends a character that something mass-produced just can’t do, and it’s often of a much higher quality than what’s available in big department stores. But with so much of it being traded online or through social media accounts, another question … Read more

I ruined my family’s finances by retiring from my 401(k) to buy a… – Morningstar | NutSocia

By Alessandra Malito Do you have questions about your own retirement provision? Email us at HelpMeRetire@marketwatch.com. Dear Marketwatch, I recently made a panic decision to withdraw all my money from a retirement account and I’m closing a house (about $200,000) now in February. I am 36 years old, married and have a 1 year old … Read more

The city’s first funeral home grew out of the family’s furniture business – Jefferson City News Tribune | NutSocia

Agnes Heinrichs, wife of Heinrich Heinrichs, purchased property on the southwest corner of Jefferson and Capitol from the Jefferson City Land Company in 1857 for $2,097. The Heinrichs built a house and a furniture factory on this property. This business eventually grew into Jefferson City’s first funeral home. The Heinrichs, originally from Prussia, came to … Read more

Wayfair, once a city growth engine, is making deep cuts as tech… – The Boston Globe | NutSocia

Wayfair’s sales have plummeted over the past year, and on Friday CEO and co-founder Niraj Shah announced he would cut 1,750 jobs, or 10 percent of the company’s global workforce. With layoffs focused on managers, human resources and engineers, Boston operations lost 937 employees, nearly double the percentage taken at the company as a whole. … Read more

The 5 Best Ways to Maintain and Maintain Your Expensive Furniture at Home – Times Now | NutSocia

The 5 best ways to take care of and care for your expensive furniture at home Photo: iStock photo Furniture and upholstered furniture can be a good long-term investment provided they are well cared for. But with busy schedules and everyday wear and tear, keeping them looking their best can be difficult. Whether it’s preventing … Read more