Car Foreclosures Hit a Decade High – 5 Expert Tips If You’re Late on Payments – AOL | NutSocia

deepblue4you / Auto withdrawals in the US have hit a decade high. In December, the percentage of subprime auto borrowers who were at least 60 days late on their auto payments increased to 5.67%, according to Fitch Ratings, up from 2.58% in April 2021. Up from 5.04% in January 2009, the peak during the … Read more

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It’s not uncommon for homeowners to shy away from major remodeling. From issues with getting your items arriving on time, hiccups in communicating with your electrician or contractor, to general bad luck when it comes to certain project expectations, home renovations come with a plethora of issues that can make a remodel last much longer … Read more

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MIAMI (AP) — The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration quietly fired its top official in Mexico last year over improper contact with drug trafficker attorneys, an embarrassing end to a brief tenure brought on by deteriorating cooperation between countries and a record flow of cocaine , heroin and fentanyl across the border. Nicholas Palmeri’s contacts and … Read more

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Want to give your home a luxurious facelift without spending a fortune? An affordable kitchen upgrade might be your best bet. According to a 2021 survey of more than 75,000 U.S. homeowners ages 18 and older conducted by home design website Houzz, the amount of money spent on home renovations increased 15 percent in the … Read more

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Hiring new employees for your team is always a risk. While applications, resumes, and interviews can help you make an informed decision about whether you think someone is a good fit for your company, you never really know until you hire them and they start working in their role . For this reason, a probationary … Read more

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An alarming fact has been lost after the ballroom shooting in Monterey Park, California, which killed 11 people: It took authorities five hours to alert the public that the gunman was at large Saturday night. Even after the 72-year-old gunman brought a submachine gun-style weapon to another nearby dance hall about half an hour later, … Read more

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2. Color Blocking above This colour-blocked bathroom from Hong Kong design firm Lim + Lu matches a speckled terrazzo finish with a warm terracotta hue above Hong Kong-based designer Iman El Zeky uses colour-blocked shades of blue to create a calming effect in a bedroom Forget playing it safe: 2023 is all about being bold … Read more

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