IBS 2023: What are the Latest House Plan Trends? – Builder Magazine | NutSocia

Courtesy of Madden Home Design Arguably one of the most important aspects of building and designing a home is the floor plan. With different lot sizes, different room configurations, and ever-evolving trends, the possibilities for floor plans and elevation styles are nearly endless. To see what was popular last year and will be attractive to … Read more

Powerful master plans and trends conquering home buyers… – Builder Magazine | NutSocia

High-performing master plans offer both excellent segmentation and affordability compared to nearby markets, said Mollie Carmichael, director of Zonda Advisory Webinar on Zonda’s top master plans for 2022. Segmentation allows communities to focus on offering activities and spaces that cater to families at all stages of life. “The very first thing for success [is] a … Read more

What is driving the behavior of home buyers and sellers? – Builder Magazine | NutSocia

Adobe Stock The days of the turbocharged pandemic housing market are behind us as mortgage rates have doubled since the 2021 lows, the moving boom is cooling and monthly housing payments have become prohibitive for many. We are now entering a new phase in the housing market, which can be described as a dead end. … Read more