Is the dining room dead? | real estate | US News – Real Estate | NutSocia

Buying a home is an exercise in making important choices between items that most people don’t really want to choose between. Do you go for the home with the two-car garage or the one with two bathrooms? Should you ditch the fireplace for an upgraded floor in the kitchen? One choice that is becoming increasingly … Read more

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You may have heard the terms “She Shed” or “Man Cave,” but homeowners who create additional living or work space through a modern shed say that having that extra space on their property has made them more productive and enjoy their recreational activities. Robert Johnson, a San Antonio-based woodworker and founder of Sawinery, says he … Read more

What is Digital Curb Appeal? – real estate | NutSocia

If you’ve ever put your home up for sale, you know how important it is to attract the right buyer quickly. If your house doesn’t have that certain something when they pull up, they might not even get in. And today, as more people find their homes online long before they show up in the … Read more