ALIVE! Bringing New Grocery Hub and Services to Newly Developed… – PR Newswire | NutSocia

Alexandria Community – where 31% face food insecurity – will have access to nutritious and healthy food and community resources Samuel Madden Homes is being redeveloped and redesigned by Alexandria Redevelopment & Housing Authority, Fairstead, Mill Creek Residential and The Communities Group ALEXANDRIA, Va., February 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ALIVE!, the largest private safety net … Read more

Rethink landscaping with drought-tolerant plants and water-conserving… – | NutSocia

click to enlarge Photo of the city of Spokane We only have one aquifer – use it wisely. Effective landscaping can beautify more than just the outdoor area. It creates outdoor living spaces and interacts with the sun and other elements to provide shade and wind protection where it is needed most. … Read more

Is the dining room dead? | real estate | US News – Real Estate | NutSocia

Buying a home is an exercise in making important choices between items that most people don’t really want to choose between. Do you go for the home with the two-car garage or the one with two bathrooms? Should you ditch the fireplace for an upgraded floor in the kitchen? One choice that is becoming increasingly … Read more

10 ways to turn your garden shed into a liveable space – Real Estate | NutSocia

You may have heard the terms “She Shed” or “Man Cave,” but homeowners who create additional living or work space through a modern shed say that having that extra space on their property has made them more productive and enjoy their recreational activities. Robert Johnson, a San Antonio-based woodworker and founder of Sawinery, says he … Read more

How to Clean Hardwood Floors (and Make Them Shine) – Real Estate | NutSocia

Whether your home has hardwood floors or you upgraded to them after you moved in, hardwood is an investment worth protecting. And to that end, it’s important to know how to properly clean and maintain hardwood floors. This keeps your parquet floors in top shape for years. Vacuum your floors before cleaning them Before applying … Read more

What are granny pods? – real estate | NutSocia

Most families have concerns about how to care for aging relatives. You may not be sure you can afford the care needed, but nursing homes and assisted living can be costly. Also referred to as an accessory living unit, the Granny Pod offers families a new option for care while providing seniors with a space … Read more

Benefits of Planting Trees in Your Garden – Real Estate | NutSocia

Living in a tree-filled neighborhood is a dream, isn’t it? These leafy, idyllic streets that turn bright colors in the fall are incredible visual treats for most of the year, but there are many other benefits of growing trees in your yard. Trees help your home air conditioning system work more efficiently No matter where … Read more

5 home improvement trends to watch in 2023 – Real Estate | NutSocia

Fewer Americans are buying homes these days, with high home prices and mortgage rates more than doubling year-over-year. Instead, they choose to stay put and repair, renovate, and enhance the properties they already have to better suit their lifestyle and needs. According to data from home services platform Thumbtack, 9 in 10 current homeowners plan … Read more

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Plush bedding, soft lighting, luxe accessories: with a few cost-conscious amenities, homeowners can create a spa-like environment in their homes and bring a sense of safety, relaxation, and health to the heart of the home. The at-home wellness trend that started during the pandemic has continued into 2022, and interior design and real estate experts … Read more

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Decorating your home is not just about making it look beautiful. It’s about designing a space that is functional to your needs. Ideally, you want to find a design style that is both attractive and fits your particular lifestyle. Whether you are a DIY designer or enlist the expertise of a pro, you need to … Read more