Fed and White House unite for day that gets to the heart of Biden’s policy issue – CNN | NutSocia

CNN — Two centers of power in Washington on Wednesday will reveal the politically toxic dynamics of the key economic issue threatening President Joe Biden’s congressional majorities with midterm elections less than a week away. The Fed is likely to trigger another historic rate hike, and Biden will host an event about a half-mile away … Read more

Furniture and decoration prices increased by 10.6% last year. How to Decorate on a Budget, According to Interior Designers – CNBC | NutSocia

Fabio Formaggio / 500Px | 500 pixels plus | Getty Images Last year I moved into a one bedroom apartment in Manhattan. When I was 28, I lived alone for the first time. It was incredibly exciting, but I also had a problem: I didn’t have any furniture. For weeks I slept on an air … Read more