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Buying a home is an exercise in making important choices between items that most people don’t really want to choose between. Do you go for the home with the two-car garage or the one with two bathrooms? Should you ditch the fireplace for an upgraded floor in the kitchen? One choice that is becoming increasingly … Read more

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Not unlike the fashion industry, the furniture industry is largely cyclical: trends that were popular decades ago are reappearing, and vintage pieces gain popularity over time. That’s just one of the reasons we’re seeing a flood of commission furniture here and across the country. Local shops offering consignment pieces from all different eras are seeing … Read more

Home Renovation Tips: 8 Interior Design Trends You Should Know in 2023 – Tatler Taiwan | NutSocia

2. Color Blocking above This colour-blocked bathroom from Hong Kong design firm Lim + Lu matches a speckled terrazzo finish with a warm terracotta hue above Hong Kong-based designer Iman El Zeky uses colour-blocked shades of blue to create a calming effect in a bedroom Forget playing it safe: 2023 is all about being bold … Read more

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The 5 best ways to take care of and care for your expensive furniture at home Photo: iStock photo Furniture and upholstered furniture can be a good long-term investment provided they are well cared for. But with busy schedules and everyday wear and tear, keeping them looking their best can be difficult. Whether it’s preventing … Read more

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Plush bedding, soft lighting, luxe accessories: with a few cost-conscious amenities, homeowners can create a spa-like environment in their homes and bring a sense of safety, relaxation, and health to the heart of the home. The at-home wellness trend that started during the pandemic has continued into 2022, and interior design and real estate experts … Read more

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10 furnishing trends for 2022 Alejandría Clinic / ERRE arquitectura. Image © David Zarzoso Split Split Facebook Twitter post Office Pinterest Whatsapp or As we wrap up 2022, we take a look back at how that year introduced new adaptations to the way we live, work and interact with our built environment, especially after … Read more

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Decorating your home is not just about making it look beautiful. It’s about designing a space that is functional to your needs. Ideally, you want to find a design style that is both attractive and fits your particular lifestyle. Whether you are a DIY designer or enlist the expertise of a pro, you need to … Read more

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Used furniture is a great alternative if you’re looking to complement your home with vintage pieces, especially if you’re on a budget. “Buying vintage or used furniture is smart, chic and more environmentally friendly,” says Noel Fahden Briceno, vice president of merchandising at Chairish, an online marketplace for high-quality vintage furniture. “People tend to buy … Read more

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The 70’s are back baby. Well, at least they are in home design. When this news evokes the image of a disco ball hanging from the ceiling of your living room, you know this iteration of the disco era is dancing to a different beat. “The ’70s definitely had a resurgence in today’s design world,” … Read more

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THE RELATIVELY NARROW The function of a bedroom or dining room largely determines the furnishing of these rooms. However, a home’s communal chill chamber needs to be a lot of things for many people: intimate and elegant enough for guests sipping aperitifs and cozy enough for family couch potato Sundays. With so much demand for … Read more