‘This put us all out of work’: Trump’s White House advisers respond Jan 6 in angry text exchange – CNN | NutSocia

CNN — A text exchange between Ivanka Trump’s chief of staff, Julie Radford, and White House adviser Hope Hicks reveals her anger at then-President Donald Trump’s actions on Jan. 6, 2021, and hurt her professionally, according to newly released documents released by the investigative committee of the US government House of Representatives were collected Capitol … Read more

Exclusive: Trump’s former White House ethics attorney urged Cassidy Hutchinson to make misleading statements to Jan. 6 committee, sources say – CNN | NutSocia

Washington CNN — The January 6 committee made a chilling allegation Monday, claiming it had evidence that a Trump-backed attorney called on a key witness to mislead the committee about details they remembered. Though the committee declined to identify the individuals, CNN has learned that Stefan Passantino, Trump’s chief ethics attorney, is the attorney who … Read more