Beehive Furniture Library Announces Board Updates for 2023 – Furniture World | NutSocia

Furniture World News Desk on 1/11/2023 The 2023 board members include CEO Dudley Moore, Jr. (left); Vice President Brian Simpson (center) and two new board members, Jane Dagmi (right) and Sumner “Sandy” Finch (not pictured). Beehive Furniture Library announces updates to its Board of Directors for 2023, including Dudley Moore, Jr. in … Read more

Are you planning to do some spring cleaning this holiday season? How you can ‘kindle joy’ by keeping old things out of the landfill – ABC News | NutSocia

Driving home recently, I encountered a familiar sight: four dining room chairs at the curb, waiting for some jerk to rescue them. As I loaded them into the car (Shit!), I wondered: How long were these chairs in shed land before they finally got kicked to the curb? When a wooden chair gets a bit … Read more