Federal Student Finance Agency has work to do, but no new money for it – CNN | NutSocia

Washington CNN — Big headache for student loan borrowers could be on the horizon. Its monthly payments could resume as soon as this summer after a three-year hiatus. And the federal agency that oversees the student loan system is operating on the same budget as last year — which could complicate any efforts to ensure … Read more

‘This put us all out of work’: Trump’s White House advisers respond Jan 6 in angry text exchange – CNN | NutSocia

CNN — A text exchange between Ivanka Trump’s chief of staff, Julie Radford, and White House adviser Hope Hicks reveals her anger at then-President Donald Trump’s actions on Jan. 6, 2021, and hurt her professionally, according to newly released documents released by the investigative committee of the US government House of Representatives were collected Capitol … Read more

Highlights from the latest release of transcripts Jan. 6 – CNN | NutSocia

CNN — The January 6 Committee of the House of Representatives released a new set of transcripts Thursday, including interviews with Donald Trump Jr., former Trump White House advisers and others. This new batch is part of a steady stream of transcript drops issued by the select committee over the past week, adding to its … Read more

FTX co-founder and ex-head of hedge fund Alameda Research respectively… – CNN | NutSocia

CNN — Two senior executives linked to collapsed crypto exchange FTX have pleaded guilty to multiple criminal charges and are cooperating with federal prosecutors, according to unsealed court filings. In addition, the couple faces civil fraud charges from the Securities and Exchange Commission, which were announced Wednesday night. Gary Wang, the co-founder of FTX, and … Read more

Exclusive: Trump’s former White House ethics attorney urged Cassidy Hutchinson to make misleading statements to Jan. 6 committee, sources say – CNN | NutSocia

Washington CNN — The January 6 committee made a chilling allegation Monday, claiming it had evidence that a Trump-backed attorney called on a key witness to mislead the committee about details they remembered. Though the committee declined to identify the individuals, CNN has learned that Stefan Passantino, Trump’s chief ethics attorney, is the attorney who … Read more

White House pushes back calls for Title 42 extension: ‘We must follow court order’ – CNN | NutSocia

Washington CNN — The Biden administration is finalizing its plans, including a controversial asylum policy, before the end of a Trump-era border restriction that officials familiar with the planning said is due to expire in a few days. The plans could be announced in the coming day, officials said. A wave of migrants at the … Read more

Biden administration finalizes plans as it prepares for the end of Title 42 – CNN | NutSocia

Washington CNN — Officials familiar with the planning said the Biden administration is finalizing its response to the expected end of a Trump-era border restriction known as Title 42 on Wednesday. Officials said the plans, which may involve reviving a controversial asylum policy, could be announced in the coming days. But it seems the government … Read more

Republicans will control the House of Representatives, but there’s not much they can do to fix the economy quickly – CNN | NutSocia

CNN — Republicans in Congress have repeatedly blamed President Joe Biden and their Democratic counterparts for rising inflation and the troubled economy. But even though the GOP seized control of the House of Representatives in the midterm elections, albeit by a very slim margin, there’s not much the party can do to cut prices quickly … Read more

Fed and White House unite for day that gets to the heart of Biden’s policy issue – CNN | NutSocia

CNN — Two centers of power in Washington on Wednesday will reveal the politically toxic dynamics of the key economic issue threatening President Joe Biden’s congressional majorities with midterm elections less than a week away. The Fed is likely to trigger another historic rate hike, and Biden will host an event about a half-mile away … Read more

Paul Pelosi suspect charged with attempted kidnapping of House Speaker and attempted murder – CNN | NutSocia

CNN — Paul Pelosi “is making steady progress in a long process of recovery,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said in a statement Monday after federal and state indictments were announced against the man accused of assaulting him. “Since the horrific attack on Paul early Friday, we have been inundated with thousands of messages expressing concern, … Read more